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Tilda has been providing live broadcasting and live production services over the internet since 2006. We have accumulated years of experience with the services we provide to many sectors, especially the pharmaceutical companies and other specialists in the field of medicine. We are one of the most experienced companies in the field of live broadcasts, live surgery, recordings, simultaneous interpretation systems, and video conferencing systems, specific to medical field.

Our Services

Our services

As Tilda, we provide services in the fields of live broadcasting, production/post-production, medical simulators and live surgery.


With its own media servers, Tilda provides uninterrupted, high quality internet live broadcasting service with its own developed special software and methods.

Medical Simulators

Our company, which works in the medical sector, has Turkey distributorship of many products in the field of medical simulators.

Production and Post-Production

Greenbox, surgery and educational videos are filmed and edited to the customers liking.

Live Surgery

We are proud to present the R&D product produced, in Bilken Cyberpark,  by our company, which has been working in the medical sector since 2006.

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