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We are proud to present the R&D product produced by our company, which has been working in the medical sector since 2006, in Bilkent Cyberpark.

This is our product,
It will be given to your management, it is easy to use;
It is mobile, you can easily move it to the operating room and meeting room you want;
You don't need to pull a cable;
A direct connection can be made from endoscopic and laparoscopic imaging devices in the operating room and a picture-in-picture binary image can be given;
Questions can be asked from the conference room to the operating room;
All operation can be saved in sd card;
If desired, live broadcasting can be done on the internet;

You can watch the image in Full HD (1920×1080) quality from the hall;


Note: Broadcasts from the operating room can be rented as a service as well as for product sales.

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